Lamborghini Aventador Mural PROJECT – #GMLAB01

This is the story of an Artist, Conceptual Art Designers and a Boutique Car Salon collaborating on a project that dared us to be different and push the boundaries of what has already been done. We are so proud to finally showcase this phenomenal Art work with you. An artwork all encompassing of vision, raw talent and bold ambition all to pursue a dream of painting a life-size Super Car on a wall! The Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce was chosen as it reflects the ‘visionary’ drive that Karolis Grei, GM LAB GROUP and Scuderia Graziani hold true in our brands. This photorealistic Mural of the supercar was brought to life by hand sketching directly onto the showroom wall followed by applying layers, upon layers…upon layers of oil paint. It goes without say that the technique, skill and the freewill of artistic impression all played a vital role in delivering this masterpiece. The project took 2 months to complete and is now proudly adorning one of Scuderia Graziani showroom walls for all to enjoy! We trust you will enjoy the journey captured in the making of this creation.

Client – Scuderia Graziani

Idea / Concept Execution – GM LAB GROUP

Mural (Wall Art) Execution Artist – GM LAB GROUP / Karolis Grei

Project Visuals (Photography / Videography Concept and Execution) – GM LAB GROUP / Eva Umbra